Special Summer Walks 2022

Our programme of summer walks consists of 17 varied topics over 80 walks. Scroll down to see details and booking information

Watery Wanderings

At 2pm: 25 April, 10 June, 25 July, 15 August
Go with the flow as you listen to tales of the riverbank – both Avon and K&A canal.
Start and finish: River entrance to Rugby Ground

Please note: The walk on 18 July has been cancelled due to the weather. The revised date is now 25 July

Feisty Females

At 2pm: 9 May, 20 June, 11 July
Women who lived in Bath through the ages.
Start: West door of Abbey. Finish: Stall Street World Heritage Symbol

Not Just a Pretty Face

At 2pm: 11 May, 18 May, 15 June, 3 August
What have women contributed to modern Bath?.
Start: West door of Abbey. Finish: Stall Street by World Heritage Symbol


At a Pinch – the Work of John Pinch the Elder

At 2pm: 25 April, 17 June, 27 July, 5 August At 6pm: 9 May, 10 June, 26 August
Celebrating the work of John Pinch the Elder – the last Georgian architect in Bath.
Start: The Little Theatre Cinema. Finish: Old St Mary’s Churchyard, Bathwick

Comforts, Communications and Commerce

At 2pm: 25 April, 30 May, 13 June, 1 August, 22 August At 6pm: 27 June, 4 July
Discover and explore the Duke of Kingston’s Estate in Bath.
Start: West door of Abbey. Finish: Bath Spa station

Bath and its Shadowy Side

At 2pm: 1 June, 22 July At 6pm: 6 June, 20 July
Murders? Riots? Bath has not always been the polite, law-abiding place it is usually
made out to be!
Start: Laura Place. Finish: Bath Abbey

Victoria Park: Gates, Avenues & Gardens – a Walk on Common Ground

At 2pm: 29 July, 31 August At 6pm: 20 May, 17 June, 13 July, 24 August
Hear the park’s stories as you stroll from gate to gate.
Start: Rivers Gate Entrance, Queen’s Parade Place
Finish: Victoria Gate, Marlborough Lane

Note; The walk on May 4th is now cancelled

Green Parks and Open Spaces of Central Bath

At 2pm: 25 April, 27 June At 6pm: 16 May
Stroll through some of the green parks and open spaces of Bath and hear their stories
Start: War memorial by Victoria Park. Finish: River Avon opposite Parade Gardens

Turbulent Medieval Bath

At 6pm: 29 April, 11 May, 15 June, July 27, 3 August
What went on in the 600 years before the Georgians arrived in Bath?
Start: Abbey west front. Finish: Abbey – Rebecca Fountain

Please note: The walk advertised for June 29th has now been postponed. The new date for this walk is July 27th at 6.00pm

The Bath Blitz

At 2pm: 13 May,1 July,8 July,19 August
At 6pm: 25 April, 27 April, 25 May, 8 June, 22 June, 10 August
Step back in time to April 1942 when the city endured a weekend of devastating air raids.
Start: Kingston Parade south side of Abbey. Finish: Assembly Rooms

Bath Rocks – Geology in the City

At 2pm: 25 July, 12 August At 6pm: 31 August
Explore the lost world of the Jurassic seas that once covered England using the beautiful buildings of Bath.
Start: West door of Abbey. Finish: Royal Crescent

Victorian Bath

At 2pm: 29 April, 6 June At 6pm: 27 May
Explore Bath’s rich heritage of Victorian buildings – from religious to drinking.
Start: West front Abbey. Finish: Orange Grove

The Back Side of Georgian & Victorian Bath

At 2pm: 6 May, 24 June, 15 July, 26 August At 6pm: 8 July, 22 July, 5th August
Find out what went on behind the genteel facades
Start and finish: West door of Abbey

Please note: The walk on 24th June has now been cancelled. The new date for the walk is Friday 22 July at 6.00.

Walking in the Footsteps of Ralph Allen

van Diest, Johan; Ralph Allen (1694-1764), Alderman; Victoria Art Gallery; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/ralph-allen-16941764-alderman-41194

At 2pm: 22 June, 20 July At 6pm: 4 May, 17 August
Ralph Allen’s story – businessman, politician, philanthropist and postmaster.
Start: The Little Theatre Cinema. Finish: Widcombe

Music in Bath: Past, Present and Future

At 6pm: 18 May, 20 June, 6 July, 11 July
Walk to the beat of musical Bath from present to Roman times. Performers, singers
and composers – find their special sites in the city.
Start: West door of Abbey. Finish: Johnstone St

Destruction and Preservation in 20th Century Bath

At 2pm: 25 April, 4 July, 8 August At 6pm: 6 May, 1 June, 24 June (see below)
Buildings lost and saved in 20th century Bath- hear their stories.
Start: Empire Hotel side of Orange Grove. Finish: Stall Street

Please note: The walk originally scheduled for 24th June at 6.00pm has been postponed by a week, and will now take place on Friday 1st July at 6.00pm

Discovering Bath’s Trees

At 2pm: 27 April, 16 May, 8th June At 6pm: 13 June, 1 August
Hiding in plain sight – the trees of central Bath.
Start: Assembly Rooms. Finish: Grand Parade

Note – The walk on 15th July is now CANCELLED