Special Summer Walks 2022

Our programme of summer walks consists of 17 varied topics over 80 walks. Scroll down to see details and booking information

Watery Wanderings

At 2pm: 25 April, 10 June, 18 July, 15 August
Go with the flow as you listen to tales of the riverbank – both Avon and K&A canal.
Start and finish: River entrance to Rugby Ground

Feisty Females

At 2pm: 9 May, 20 June, 11 July
Women who lived in Bath through the ages.
Start: West door of Abbey. Finish: Stall Street World Heritage Symbol

Not Just a Pretty Face

At 2pm: 11 May, 18 May, 15 June, 3 August
What have women contributed to modern Bath?.
Start: West door of Abbey. Finish: Stall Street by World Heritage Symbol


At a Pinch – the Work of John Pinch the Elder

At 2pm: 25 April, 17 June, 27 July, 5 August At 6pm: 9 May, 10 June, 26 August
Celebrating the work of John Pinch the Elder – the last Georgian architect in Bath.
Start: The Little Theatre Cinema. Finish: Old St Mary’s Churchyard, Bathwick

Comforts, Communications and Commerce

At 2pm: 25 April, 30 May, 13 June, 1 August, 22 August At 6pm: 27 June, 4 July
Discover and explore the Duke of Kingston’s Estate in Bath.
Start: West door of Abbey. Finish: Bath Spa station

Bath and its Shadowy Side

At 2pm: 1 June, 22 July At 6pm: 6 June, 20 July
Murders? Riots? Bath has not always been the polite, law-abiding place it is usually
made out to be!
Start: Laura Place. Finish: Bath Abbey

Victoria Park: Gates, Avenues & Gardens – a Walk on Common Ground

At 2pm: 29 July, 31 August At 6pm: 20 May, 17 June, 13 July, 24 August
Hear the park’s stories as you stroll from gate to gate.
Start: Rivers Gate Entrance, Queen’s Parade Place
Finish: Victoria Gate, Marlborough Lane

Note; The walk on May 4th is now cancelled

Green Parks and Open Spaces of Central Bath

At 2pm: 25 April, 27 June At 6pm: 16 May
Stroll through some of the green parks and open spaces of Bath and hear their stories
Start: War memorial by Victoria Park. Finish: River Avon opposite Parade Gardens

Turbulent Medieval Bath

At 6pm: 29 April, 11 May, 15 June, July 27, 3 August
What went on in the 600 years before the Georgians arrived in Bath?
Start: Abbey west front. Finish: Abbey – Rebecca Fountain

Please note: The walk advertised for June 29th has now been postponed. The new date for this walk is July 27th at 6.00pm

The Bath Blitz

At 2pm: 13 May,1 July,8 July,19 August
At 6pm: 25 April, 27 April, 25 May, 8 June, 22 June, 10 August
Step back in time to April 1942 when the city endured a weekend of devastating air raids.
Start: Kingston Parade south side of Abbey. Finish: Assembly Rooms

Bath Rocks – Geology in the City

At 2pm: 25 July, 12 August At 6pm: 31 August
Explore the lost world of the Jurassic seas that once covered England using the beautiful buildings of Bath.
Start: West door of Abbey. Finish: Royal Crescent

Victorian Bath

At 2pm: 29 April, 6 June At 6pm: 27 May
Explore Bath’s rich heritage of Victorian buildings – from religious to drinking.
Start: West front Abbey. Finish: Orange Grove

The Back Side of Georgian & Victorian Bath

At 2pm: 6 May, 24 June, 15 July, 26 August At 6pm: 8 July, 5th August
Find out what went on behind the genteel facades
Start and finish: West door of Abbey

Please note: The walk on 24th June has now been cancelled.

Walking in the Footsteps of Ralph Allen

van Diest, Johan; Ralph Allen (1694-1764), Alderman; Victoria Art Gallery; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/ralph-allen-16941764-alderman-41194

At 2pm: 22 June, 20 July At 6pm: 4 May, 17 August
Ralph Allen’s story – businessman, politician, philanthropist and postmaster.
Start: The Little Theatre Cinema. Finish: Widcombe

Music in Bath: Past, Present and Future

At 6pm: 18 May, 20 June, 6 July, 11 July
Walk to the beat of musical Bath from present to Roman times. Performers, singers
and composers – find their special sites in the city.
Start: West door of Abbey. Finish: Johnstone St

Destruction and Preservation in 20th Century Bath

At 2pm: 25 April, 4 July, 8 August At 6pm: 6 May, 1 June, 24 June (see below)
Buildings lost and saved in 20th century Bath- hear their stories.
Start: Empire Hotel side of Orange Grove. Finish: Stall Street

Please note: The walk originally scheduled for 24th June at 6.00pm has been postponed by a week, and will now take place on Friday 1st July at 6.00pm

Discovering Bath’s Trees

At 2pm: 27 April, 16 May, 8th June At 6pm: 13 June, 1 August
Hiding in plain sight – the trees of central Bath.
Start: Assembly Rooms. Finish: Grand Parade

Note – The walk on 15th July is now CANCELLED